Trieste workshop & study visit

The ONE project organised the 4th workshop and study visit, this time in Trieste (IT). Insiel hosted the two-day meeting titled “ICT Regional Organizational Model”. Insiel, a public ICT company owned by the region Friuli Venezia Giulia,  has great experience in designing, implementing and deploying complex IT architectures that integrate heterogeneous systems and/or are open to interoperate with other systems, with applications in the fields of e-government and e-health as well as in environmental, territorial and mobility management. On the first day, the partners had the opportunity to see transversal activities of Insiel with a particular focus on services suitable for development of the idea of ICT Observatories. These highlighted regional broadband strategies and infrastructure development, use of regional services card (PASI), Master Data Management as well as regional cartography solutions. During the second day, the partners visited a server farm – insides of the operation services - which provides a hardware infrastructure to run regional IT services and solutions. For more information please see the workshop agenda below. You can also download all presentations or check out the links section on this site!


Thematic workshop & study visit agenda
 Welcome from Regional Authority of Friuli Venezia Giulia Antonina Ristagno
 ICT organizational model in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The role of the Regional Government and the role of Insiel.

Antonina Ristagno

 Ermes – Regional Broadband/the role of the FVG Region

Silvio Pitacco
 Ermes Project /Network Control Centre – the role of Insiel

David Licursi

 Master Data Management Andrea Buttol
 Regional Cartography Roberto Piuzzo

 Innovation towards Digital Agenda

Fulvio Sbroiavacca
 Regional Services Card /PASI (Innovative Service
Access Point)
Marco Rocchetti
 The construction of a broadband network in the Świętokrzyskie Region Tomasz Krawiec
 GOLD-GGP – Information System to manage European Programmes Lydia Alessio-Vernì
 Regional Health Information System Stefano Turus


4th workshop Trieste 4th workshop Trieste 4th workshop Trieste 4th workshop Trieste