ONE workshop & study visit in Stuttgart

A two-day workshop and study visit hosted by MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media took place in Stuttgart, Germany. This time the partners of the ONE project focused on Data Management. The workshop highlighted utilization of data in the future and sci-fi technologies, which are becoming a reality; predictive analytics software, which is able to analyse various sources and extrapolate insights and forecasts. It showcased data management in a local municipality; approach of the Government of Baden-Württemberg to Open Data; open source cloud software solutions as well as statistical methods used for data mining and missing data imputation. On the second day the partners had the opportunity to visit former nuclear bunker used now as a highly secure data centre, which boasts the strictest German data security certificates ( 

Presentation of the workshop and are coming soon.

Thematic workshop & study visit
Welcome from ONE and MFG
Timo Mustonen & Dr. Sami Rabieh, MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media 
The Second Half Of The Chessboard - Implications Of The Digital Revolution On Future Business

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kölmel, Pforzheim University

Data Until Eternity 

Horst Bräuner, City of Schwäbisch Hall
Data Management In The Cloud

Christian Schmitz, ownCloud GmbH

Open Government Data In A German State – From Visions To Reality 
Till Westermayer, Parliamentary Advisor for Science and Reseach, Media and Internet Policy, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Managing Big Data And Predictive Analytics
Erich Steiner, Blue Yonder GmbH & Co KG

Data Mining And Handling Missing Data 

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Dieter W. Joenssen, Ilmenau University of Technology


MFG HQ Horst Bräuner, City of Schwäbisch Hall  Dieter W. Joenssen, Technische Universität Ilmenau Nuclear bunker Nuclear bunker office