Study visit and workshop in Torino

ONE project partners had an opportunity to widen their knowledge during a study visit to the ICT observatory ”PICTO” operated by IRES Piemonte and during a workshop organised at the premises of CSI Piemonte in Torino on 30th and 31st May 2012. While the workshop agenda was aimed at indicator management and governance of statistical data processing and creation, the study visit focused on data visualisation in order to show the importance of translation of massive datasets into a comprehensive format. All knowledge and experiences learnt and exchanged will be summed up and published throughout the course of the project.


Study Visit Agenda: Information Visualisation
15.30 Piedmont ICT Observatory and IRES Overview  Sylvie Occelli IRES
16.00 Data Visualisation: Infographics Paolo Ciuccarelli Polytechnics of Milan
16.30 Example of Visualisation: the experience of the WI-PIE project Marco Boero CSI Piemonte
17.00 Discussion and closure all  


Workshop Agenda: Master Indicator Management (MIM)
9.30 Piedmont ICT Observatory activities over time  Claudio Inguaggiato Piedmont ICT Observatory
11.00 Overview of the main ICT indicators Sylvie Occelli IRES Piemonte
10.30 Piedmont ICT Observatory Indicators Lifecycle Paola Leproni CSI PIemonte
11.00 Q&A    
11.15 Coffe Break    
11.40 Master Indicator Management: theory Maurizio Tadeo CSI-Piemonte
12.10 Master Indicator Management: practice Maurizio Tadeo CSI-Piemonte
12.40 Q&A    
13.00 Lunch    
14.30 Round table: Good practices transfer all  
15.30 Workshop Closure and Coffee Break    


 Study visit audience Study visit presentations 
Workshop  Workshop