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Is it actually possible to exchange experiences on ICT investments among European regions? Can ICT Observatories in Europe play an active role in regional policies strategic planning? What are the new elements of the 2014-2020 European Cohesion Policy? The Consortium brought together relevant experts and practitioners to discuss these questions during a Conference that took place in Turin, Italy in May.

In order to show the benefit of an Observatory to regional decision makers and other stakeholders, the Conference has pointed out the fact that a well-functioning ICT Observatory in a region has a major positive impact on the provision of eServices there, because it is able to provide all necessary background information when there is a need to predict the main local socio-economic challenges. This includes a variety of indicators on issues such as population aging, needs of the young, development of SMEs etc. Having detailed knowledge about such socio-economic factors allows for more accurate policy making, providing citizens with access to better eServices and supporting dialog between citizens and their political representation.

ONE Project partners and objectives were presented to the media in a short dedicated session at 1 p.m. You can download the press release below.

Date: 30th May 2012
Venue:  Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Sala Conferenze, Via Giolitti, 36 - Torino (Italy)
Agenda: Download 
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Conference Agenda
9.00 Registration

Welcome Speech

Gabriella Serratrice Piedmont Region
Diego Feruglio CSI Piemonte  Presentation download


Introduction on ONE INTERREG IVC Project  Presentation download

Désirée Bua CSI Piemonte - ONE Project Manager

10.10 New 2014-2020 EU Cohesion Policy  Presentation download
Luigi Reggi Ministry of Economic Development, Italy

European Digital Agenda in Piedmont  Presentation download

Claudio Inguaggiato Piedmont ICT Observatory

11.00 Coffee break

Roundtable: ICT Monitoring, Regional Observatories and Strategies

Introduction: Claudio Inguaggiato Piedmont ICT Observatory


Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
Lodz Region  Presentation download
Liguria Region Presentation download
Rhône Alpes Region  Presentation download

13.00 Q&A with Media
13.30 Lunch


























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